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6th January 2013

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I made lembas!! I used that recipe. I had problems with the ‘cup’ thing because we  use grams and litre in France so I had to improvise sometimes. I should have put more cinnamon but my mother was walking around me like a vulture “don’t do that”, “you should do this”… well, it’s good anyway. It tastes like butter biscuits.

I’m taking the train tonight, I’ll need lembas for the journey. Well it’s a night train, but I’ll be in Paris at 7am, I’ll be hungry! 

A bit sad to leave my mother, my home and my cats… c’est la vie! 

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    Woow !! I want to taste that ! A good thing you’ll be here tomorrow morning, just for breakfast…. Eheheh ;D
  3. precira said: LEEEEMMBAAAAAS
  4. kareaux said: mamma mia ça a l’air tellement bon! (n’en mange pas trop, une bouchée suffit à nourrir un adulte)
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